Thursday, September 27, 2012

on getting her stuff together

Last semester, after having the opportunity to volunteer at an elementary school, I realized where I see myself after I finish up with school... and that would be teaching.

Elementary sounded great at first and becoming a reading specialist sounded like a great idea, but I couldn't actually get into the College of Education here at Texas A&M so I was at sort of a loss.

After having the summer to talk with the influential people in my life (my family, of course), I decided that I would pursue an alternate and longer route of getting into education... Cue the start of the fall semester and being in a few english classes.

I have absolutely fallen in love with my Brit Lit class, partially because I love to read and learn about literature, but also because my professor is, to put it plainly, a badass. She's hilarious and makes the class enjoyable. During the second week of classes, I talked with her for a while after class and asked her a simple question, "When did you realize that you wanted to get your degree in English?"

She responded with how she was a junior in college (coincidence much?). She was pre-law and realized how she hated who she was in classes with and wasn't necessarily enjoying her classes. So she made the switch to something she loved and hasn't looked back since. She gave me the name of the department's best undergrad adviser and I made an appointment... within twenty minutes of our conversation.

So now I'm pursuing a BA in English, and am working towards qualifying for the Post-Baccalaureate program that readies me and admits me into Texas A&M's MEd program... subsequently certifying me to teach high school english. And, honestly, I couldn't be happier or more ecstatic. If how much I'm enjoying my english classes now is an indicator of how the rest of my undergrad is going to go, then I'm pumped.

Hopefully I'll be able to update more! I haven't really had the chance to craft much or finish started crafts. And now that I've gotten a part time job (YAY!) time may be more constricted. But I will try!