Thursday, December 29, 2011

on being a teenager.

Now, I know that there is no magnificent transformation that will happen at midnight or anything, but I'm sure there will be a lot of differences from have a tiny little '1' in front of my age and a big ol' '2' in front of my age now. I'm an honest person, and for some people this will be horrifyingly so.

In hindsight, the last seven years of my life were life changing.

Let's start with age 13. For those of you who have been in my life since this point in time or before, you're probably aware of the biggest life change my first year as an official teenager began. In March of 2005, approximately three months after the big birthday I lost my father to his lifelong ailments that were ever present throughout my life. Despite his illnesses he was my best friend. He was a wonderfully childish stay at home dad who, even at my earliest memories, was there to wait on me hand and foot. He spoiled the hell out of me and loved me to pieces and I know that even though he isn't here in person, he still loves me more than anyone on this earth (besides my mom!). But despite my knowing how sick he truly was and knowing that he wouldn't be in my life for as long as other kids, it still hit me incredibly hard.
There is a huge blank space in my memory spanning months where I don't remember much about my life or my friends, I honestly couldn't tell you who my classmates were, who I had for teachers or what my grades were like. At this point, though, there is one thing I do remember clearly. I had found someone who, despite my incapability of having any feelings other than anger and grief, took me in and let me cry everyday. Looking back now, I should have known it wasn't a good idea but it was one of my many life lessons that I can look back on now and say that I learned something so important about myself... I learned about my capability to love. This relationship lasted about two years and had an incredibly messy breakup. I don't talk to him, and for good measure. This is one of the only things that I remember about being 14. There's something to be said about young love. Many think it doesn't exist, but to me in that relationship I was in "love". It may not seem that way to me now, or fit the definition of love by normal standards, but to me love at that time was just having someone there to comfort me when I was sad; to make me forget how I was feeling, even if it was hurting me emotionally, and even at one time physically.
I spent the better part of the end of 7th grade and all of 8th grade anywhere but class. I was at school and I passed my classes, but I sought the company and conversation of the school counselors. I can honestly say that they saved my life when I was 14 after a horrifying lesson learned about myself and how close I came to ending my own. They were honestly my saving grace, as was most of the staff at my junior high, and that includes my current boyfriend's own mother, Melisa.

Fastforward to 15 and I was smack dab in the middle of my freshman year of high school. I was transitioning out of the hardest part of my adolescence by this point and was reevaluating many things in my life, including who I was and who I was associating myself with. I was a greenhand in our high school's FFA chapter and only beginning to understand all the opportunities that would lay before me in the next three years. In February of 2007 I met Austin. This meeting changed me, and my feelings. It opened my eyes to the current relationship I was in and, essentially, ended it. It took me sometime, but I eventually finished things with the boy who was there for me when I needed him most at the point in my life. I feel horrible sometimes, almost as if I swept him under the rug once something better came along... the day I left him I cried myself to sleep, feeling like all of the ugly names he called me. I recovered though, feeling as if I had finally rid myself of the one thing holding me back; the one thing that kept me connected to the darkest time in my life.
And then there's a list of things that happened... becoming an officer in FFA, officially becoming Austin's girlfriend, going to my first FFA State Convention and making the happiest memories in life after 2 years of nothing but sad ones. I'm all smiles right now thinking about this.

Then there was 16, with my first animal for FFA during my sophomore year and my drivers license. All of the awkwardness that came with having a new boyfriend; the first kiss, the first 'I love you', the first time meeting his family. Writing this comparison of the first years being a teenager almost don't add up to me... I feel as if I'm writing about two completely different people. And I honestly believe I am.

And 17 was nothing by accomplishments either; getting my first job at Rainforest Cafe, being a junior in high school, going to state in Chapter Conducting, Mr. Oliver leaving Morton Ranch, and Austin Graduating high school (along with Garrett, Patti, Andrew, Brandon and Meigan [even though we didn't know each other yet]) and him getting accepted to Texas A&M.

And boy, did that summer before Austin went to college fly by... and it was the scariest feeling when he went off to school. I am honestly willing to bet that I didn't have any idea how insecure I was until he went to school. I'm not one to lie about myself, and I can honestly say that Austin is a saint for what he had to put up with when he first went to school. I was jealous of every person I didn't know, made him feel guilty for spending time with girls (Meigan was one of them, to be honest), and was just a huge pain in the ass. It took a serious sit down and talking to to change my ways, otherwise we wouldn't be together.

Hello 18, I do say that quite a lot happened when you showed up. And by that I mean hello senior year, tattoos, waiting tables, graduation, and getting accepted to and attending Texas A&M! Senior year flew by once I had all of my insecurities ironed out. I mean, being Vice President and then President of our FFA chapter was practically a full time job and then actually working full time hours waiting tables didn't give me much room to breathe... let alone having three animals in the course of the school year and for a little while, all at once. My reserve champion titles came out on top though, as one of my accomplishments, along with the scholarships (Elks Lodge, State FFA, L.D. Robinson, Troy Oliver, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo) and the Award of Excellence given out by the Superintendent of Katy ISD. I feel like I'm bragging, but if I can say that I earned these things then shouldn't I? I felt so blessed and felt as if all of the hard work I had put in in the last four years was actually worth something. The best feeling, though, was that of how proud my dad would have been of me. Graduation flew by and so did the summer before I went off to school.

I remember the day I moved into my dorm... it was four flights of hell in a handbasket. Four flights of carrying boxes and boxes of my clothes and shoes into the smallest room on the planet. I had a great first roommate and consider myself incredibly lucky to have someone who could put up with all of the sundays (and occasional satudays) that required me to be up at the crack of dawn for my fish year doing Bonfire. And boy, does Bonfire define the first semester of my college experience. The hard work, dedication, and determination required to continue to put the time and effort into something so much more than yourself. Not to mention the awesome friends and memories.

Then, as quickly as 18 came, so did 19. Honestly, this year was the year I learned the most about myself since I was in that dark place in my life. I got to move into a place I can fully call my home with some of the best people in my life. But just as life is, when there are good things, there are bad.. and boy was there some bad. It may be resolved now, but it's still in the front of my mind. All while I was ninteen, I was a baby green, then actually a green and then dead... all in one Bonfire season. I could be like everyone and say it was all sunshine and butterflies, but it wasn't. I learned a lot about myself and others, as well as how I feel as if I should treat others and how I conversely should be treated. You can take a look back at how I feel about this year in my last blog post though!

All in all, I'm very proud of who I have become in the last seven years and look forward to the next ten years that are supposed to be the funnest years of my adult life before I round the corner into my thirties. Now that is a weird thought.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

on life lessons learned in 2011

This past semester has been my busiest yet, up at school and I've learned a lot about myself, my capabilities and about others.

1. It's much easier to spread yourself too thin than to do less than you're capable of accomplish. From starting a small business to working what seemed to be a full time job, and adding school into the mix I figured this one out way too easily. I had to give up a lot of the recreational things that I love to do, such as baking, blogging and reading (to some it may seem like I didn't give this up, but I assure you I read much less than I normally do!) and even sacrificed a lot of the time that I should have used to do better in school (I will admit this easily!). I even gave up coming home often, which made me incredibly homesick. I am so grateful to have the opportunities that I do have, and that I am possibly opening the door to an incredibly bright future on top of having many wonderful memories from the obligations I had this semester! My only advice, honestly, is that when you feel like too much is being asked of you, that you take a step back (sometimes it's a huge step back) and you need to assess the importance of everything you have taken on in your life at that time and possibly make the decision to end an obligation or step out of an opportunity.

2. Living somewhere that is not your parents house requires a lot more time and effort than I imagined. That's not saying that I didn't expect to clean ever, but it's more than I expected! I do love my apartment though! My roommates and I have made sure that it is thoroughly decorated and that we attempt to keep it tidy... though it can be a challenge when you make crafts approximately 100% of the time you are actually at home!

3. Friendships can be tested no matter how long you have been friends and no matter what distance you are from them. It pains me to say that the relationship I do have with friends has changed more this year than any year. May it be as a bridesmaid or maid of honor at your upcoming wedding, or having to fair the long distance between here and El Paso, or even the end of a long friendship, it has been a challenge accepting some of the changes. I am grateful for all those who love me and care for me, and I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life that have continued to make my world such a wonderful place and I look forward to even more positive changes and memories made.

4. Love continues to fare the test of time. And for that, I am truly grateful. Things have changed tremendously over the last four and a half years and we have grown into something more than I ever imagined. I love laughing about our past and looking forward to whatever the future may hold. I hold each day we spend together and every memory dear to my heart.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

on being MIA

Which, believe me... I know I have been!

But outside of Bonfire, I don't have much updating to do besides on my first apartment... except that my best friends and I have begun selling out handmade crosses and other wooden crafts.

(You can like our facebook page here)

It started out as all of us loving to make cute little crafts, and then one of us knew how to use a jigsaw... and then boom! We're making crosses out the wazoo.
Not only that, but we aquired weathered fence posts and made one for our balcony (which we lovingly call our backyard...).

I'll make a post for our apartment once I can get everything straightened up... :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On 2030...

2030: The Real Story of What Happens to America2030: The Real Story of What Happens to America by Albert Brooks

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had no earthly idea where this book was going to take me, but I am more than pleasantly surprised. It was completely relateable to the current issues that stand before our country, and the situations presented are something that we could see in the near future. Despite this, though, some of the technology such as the cars and watches seem too high tech for only twenty years in the future, but added a lot to the story. There were many times, though, that I imagined this world as 3030, not 2030. Regardless, this is a must read and something that can make any reader think about the future of our nation.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On baking

Considering my original plans for summer school never worked out I find myself with an extensive amount of free time so, of course, I picked up a new hobby.

This  is something that you probably know about if you are friends with me on facebook!
I read up during the last semester of school on how to decorate cookies. I love how you can order gourmet cookies in almost any shape and and decorated to perfection! It fascinates me and I've watched many videos. So I finally got the courage to buy everything and try it out.
Here was a picture of the first batch I ever tried.. It was before I tried glazing/flooding, so all I practiced was piping.

he second batch. This was the first time I tried glazing and made the glazes way too watery so in some of the icings, the shortening separated from the icing. :( But the flowers turned out great(Well, they turned out better than the first)!

The third batch was for my lovely boyfriend! Some of them didn't turn out how I had imagined, but he still thought they were delicious regardless. This was also the same day I made a scrapbook arrangement I saw while browsing graftgawker.

And my fifth batch was the first time I ever made chocolate chip cookies from scratch. I did decorate them but I forgot to snap a picture of them before I transported them to one of my best friends good bye party!

And my most recent batch of cookies were ones that my nieces, who are 8 and 10, helped me decorate. My boyfriend and some friends were over too, but the girls did most of the decorating.

And my most recent baking endeavor was last night! My boyfriend and I attempted to make rainbow cake in a jar. The process of making it was definitely fun and could be a project you do with multiple people considering one box of cake mix makes three jars, it was definitely a fun experience!

Friday, May 27, 2011

on Austin

I know this a few days late, but it's mainly because it's so hard for me to put into words my relationship and how I feel about my boyfriend of, now, four years.

And because of my inability to properly write about my love life (sorry guys), I'm going to post a couple of pages from what turned into a short book I wrote for him. It wasn't supposed to be very long, but I just couldn't stop writing. I know, I know. How could I write for him and not for y'all? Don't ask me. My brain sat here frozen for about thirty minutes staring at this blank new post page.

X / X / X / X
There were twelve pages, and some were more personal than others, and it was very heart wrenching to write. But in a good way.

And here's some advice from me about boys:

1. Don't get all upset if you give them a present and they don't seem "thankful enough". For a lot of guys, showing emotion is not something they normally do. If you feel like you gave them something wonderful and meaningful and they don't cry about how beautiful and meaningful it is, don't take it the wrong away. If he takes the time to look at it, read it, examine it, etc. and tell you he likes it/loves it, then your on a good path. Gift giving is never easy, so we rarely do it.

2. Anniversaries. Alright, celebrating your one month/two month/three month/ etc. is real cute up until about a year in the relationship. A lot of people, myself included, find the repetitiveness of monthly anniversaries pretty annoying to say the least. There are only so many times you should have to buy a happy anniversary card or gift. After the first year, we limited it to every six months so we celebrated twice a year. And even this year we overlooked our three and a half year mark. The less you celebrate, the more exciting and meaningful that +1 year mark will mean to you and your significant other.  

A side note: I do have an email you can reach me at if you need advice or think something needs to be covered. You can contact me at and any thing you ask about or tell me is between us. I may ask to use your questions for future updates, but you're more than welcome to tell me no.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

on summer (finally)...

**Advice is at the bottom if you don't care about my boring life**
I'm so so so so sorry for not updating in almost TWO MONTHS!
I've just been crazy busy with finals/preparing for finals/not really having anything other than priorities and studying to blog about. I haven't even been able to bake since Easter, and my Easter baking only consisted of dipping some delicious little Peep Chicks in melted chocolate. :(

Buuuuuut, there are some exciting things going on!

1. It's finally SUMMER TIME! And for the first time since I was a junior in high school I'm not working and taking summer school. But those classes don't start for another week or so, so I've been free to roam around town (which is not as exciting as it sounds) and have been able to get some things done that I've been wanting to do!

2. I'm three days away from my four year anniversary with the best boyfriend in the world!

3. And the said boyfriend's older sister, a great friend of mine, is getting married to the love of her life.

4. And I finally have time to read... I have quite the pile of books that are screaming my name.

To start off I got a few things done.... I got my freshman year scrapbook done. Here are a few pages to see the handy work on my second scrapbook. X / X This really didn't take me very long to actually do... it was buying the materials and ordering the pictures that had me unmotivated to even think about starting this project, but once I got going and started getting crafty, the scrapbook was done and I wish I could make my next one now!
Also I got two shadow box collages done. One is of Austin and I over the past four years, and the other is of my first year doing Student BonfireMy first attempt at these collages.

On Wednesday the 25th, me and Austin will be celebrating our four year anniversary. We went from starting our relationship as a freshman and sophomore in high school, and now we're celebrating as a freshman and sophomore in college (well, we're a sophomore and junior TECHNICALLY, but it's the thought that counts!). An example of what the two of us do best. But, you can't forget the "I love you more" argument. X / X.

And of course, it wouldn't be polite of me to post pictures of Savanah and her fiancĂ©e (even though they are the cutest couple in the world), but I definitely can't keep this out of what is exciting about the summer. It's going to be an absolutely beautiful country wedding with two wonderful families coming together. Not to mention I LOVE weddings.

And last but not least: My summer reading list. ;)

I have some advice, as always.

1. For the girls who are are dreading the departure of their older boyfriend going to college: Enjoy the freaking summer. Spend as much time as you can together and worry about him going away in August. Being happy now will make it easier to be happy later. If you are going to make yourself absolutely miserable, then you will be. **I was this girl two summers ago** My boyfriend went off to college while I was stuck in high school... I made myself miserable and guess what? I was making him miserable too. Just have fun and enjoy the time you do have together and then be a big girl and trust and love your boyfriend, not only that but be proud that you have an ambitious boyfriend with goals and dreams. And know that if he's still with you, you're apart of those dreams too. ;) 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

being blessed

As most of you know, I'm blessed to have my boyfriend of almost four years in my life. He's by my side every single day now that we're at Texas A&M University together (he's a sophomore, I'm a freshman) and I couldn't imagine our relationship any other way. But unlike us, I have many friends who aren't as blessed to have their loved one by their side everyday and I want to take a moment to talk about them.

I have two very close friends who have their loved ones in the army. One is a husband and a father, and the other is a boyfriend and a life long friend of the love of his life.

The dedication and love that these couples share with their loved ones is out of this world. I admire these couples for the trust and patriotism they posses, giving their husband and boyfriend to the US Army to serve our country. These are real men and they deserve to be recognized, not only that, they deserve to be recognized for how blessed they are to have women in their lives that are willing to wait for them and are proud of them.

These couples, along with any military couple, deserve to live the happiest of lives when their tours overseas are over, and they deserve to be treated like the real men and women they are.
I'm proud to call these women my friends and I'm there for them when they need a shoulder to cry on, or need someone to help them with an anniversary dinner. I admire these couples and wish the best for them and their loved ones.

One day, I told one of these women that I don't think I could handle Austin being in the army. She just said in reply, "If you love him, you could." 

on giving back

This past weekend I had the opportunity to be apart of an event called Relay for Life. It was a twelve hour event that had so many things to do, my head it still spinning.

They had multiple sports contests, a relay, a 42 tournament, a track to take laps on (someone in your team was supposed to be walking the entire night, and it was a great way to catch up with some friends if you've been busy), there was a HILARIOUS Miss Relay Pageant that was one of the best things that took place, a zumba dance party and multiple entertainers came and performed such as Gatlin Elms, a band formed out of Houston, and Sleeper Star (among others).

There was a very touching ceremony that opened up the Relay and it was amazing to see survivors from 20+ years ago, and also to see peers my age who were survivors as well. If you ever have the opportunity to take part in this event, or an event like it, definitely go for it. It's always for a good cause and you know you will have a good time.

Just go to you school's website and I'm sure you can find a list of events such as these to be apart of. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

on the rodeo

Now, if you don't/never have lived in any place where there are Rodeos it'll be hard to have a visual of what I'm talking about. :)

I went to the Houston Rodeo last night with a really good friend of mine. She had made plans with someone else to see Brad Paisley, but fortunately for me she bailed so I got to go see one of my favorite country singers. ;)

There are a couple of things that I want to address though...

1. Leave really freaking early. If you're planning on attending the rodeo for any reason whatsoever (livestock show, carnival or concert) plan on leaving pretty early. The traffic is horrible and so is looking for parking and walking. Me and Krystina were stuck in traffic for an hour and it took us another thirty or forty-five minutes to find parking. At that point we just paid a little shuttle golf cart to take us to Reliant Stadium cutting out the forty-five minute walk it would have taken us from cash parking. So, go ahead and leave two/three hours earlier than the rodeo is actually supposed to start.

2. When you shop, take your time. The prices of the popular, rodeo-only season items such as studded belts, belt buckles and just about any kind of country cowgirl queen clothing is crazy expensive (TWO BAR WEST!). And that makes sense because girls like me will willingly pay $100 for a cow hide studded belt. But, seriously, look around at all of the booths and set a limit on how much you want to buy. It can drain your bank account easily. So look around and go back for the things that catch your eye and you absolutely need to have. :)

On a side note: Brad Paisley was fantastic and I sung along loudly to almost all of the songs!
And there was a couple sitting in the seats directly in front of us. They were fairly young and the woman was pregnant (the super cute, petite early second trimester kind of pregnant) and when Brad Paisley was singing one of his best songs (in my opinion! Also it's my favorite love song he's written) "Then" the boyfriend/husband had his hand on her little belly and was singing the song into his wife/girlfriend's ear and she started crying. So naturally I started to cry a little as well.

I'm just a big fat sucker for romance!

Friday, March 18, 2011

on family

This last week I got to spend time with family I hadn't seen in about four years. That means they haven't seen me since my freshman year of high school, and if you knew me then, you would know I not only am a completely different person, but I am also a completely different looking person!

This won't really be an advice post, but more like a look into my life for once. It's hard to give advice on family since each and every person's family is so different.

I was picked up by my cousin Erica and her daughter Taylor. I hadn't seen either of them in forever. Taylor is only a year younger than me, but we've always been incredibly close.

One of the highlights of the trip were getting to meet my two younger (second) cousins. Hannah is five, and yes I "met" her when she was about six months old, she didn't interact much so seeing her again was like meeting a whole new person. And Molly is three and completely adorable. Below is me with the girls and my cousin Cheri on my grandmother's boat in Florida. They were a handful, but completely adorable.

I spent a lot of time with the girls since I stayed at their house, but I didn't mind. I legitimately enjoyed helping them get ready for daycare in the morning and getting them ready for bed at night. I just love kids. :)

The last day was spent down at the beach and it was pretty interesting. We got a hotel room closer to JAX, since my family lived pretty far from the airport, and just enjoyed my last day there. It was awesome. :)

I miss them already and can't wait to go back!

I should be driving back up there with my mom and my brother's family in April for my great aunt's birthday. So hopefully I'll be seeing everyone again!

on dorm rooms

I, personally, cannot wait to FINALLY move into my apartment (which I will be sharing with three great friends) for many many many many reasons.
Some people may not agree with me (like my boyfriend who plans on living on campus all four years), but many of you lovely ladies may agree with me.

Here are my reasons:

1. I won't have a roommate I know. I got really lucky when I got such a great roommate (Thanks Bailey), but she will be living off campus next year and I don't have anyone that would be available to live with me in my dorm. I don't want to got pot luck and get a bad roommate. Like I said before, I got really really lucky with my roommate.

2. My closet is minuscule. I don't even have enough drawer space for my clothes, let alone hanging space. And that also leaves me with little-to-no space for my shoes. I'm a girl. I have a lot of clothes and shoes. I can't help that I want and need more space.

3. With that said, my room isn't big enough either. I believe the dimensions of my room are somewhere around 11 x 14 ft. And that includes both my roommate and my beds, along with our desks, our sink and cabinets, and our closets. It can be pretty cramped. We don't even have space for our TV without giving up one of our desks.

4. I have to walk up and down four flights of stairs to do laundry. Need I say more?

In my apartment, not only do I have my own room and bathroom, but I have a large closet, a laundry room AND MY OWN KITCHEN. 

Oh, I know that that sounds like a stereotypical woman thing to say but I love to cook and bake. And, yes, my dorm has one but it's tiny and the appliances are ancient and it's diiiiirty. I would rather have a kitchen that has my own appliances and I don't have to lug my supplies up and down all the stairs that I mentioned before, let alone risk them getting stolen because I leave them in storage in the kitchen.

***DISCLAIMER***: Living on campus you're first year is a great idea. You get to be on campus and close, and you also don't have to worry about going out getting groceries, etc. if you don't like to cook. Also, living on campus can make you appreciate your personal space more, and that can lead to being more responsible once you do sign a lease on an apartment/house later.

Of course, that's my two cents.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

on airports

Well, to start, apparently you're supposed to take your laptop out of your backpack when you go through the TSA thing. Because if you don't, people freak out. Maybe I'm a terrorist in disguise; I don't know.

I get here SUPER early (the required two hours because I try and be punctual) and now I'm sitting here with only 45 minutes of free wifi. I was going to play a game of League of Legends to pass the time like a nerd, but now I can't. :(

I'm sure I'll have a nice long flight to rant about later considering flying is probably my least favorite, but most encountered, pastime.

Here are some of my flight tips.

1. Bring a backpack full of goodies. I brought my laptop, DS, iPhone (on airplane mode!), Nook and bought like three magazines and a sudoku book. I mean, I'm going to be cooped up in this airplane surrounded by people I don't know. That means I need a lot to do to make sure I don't get creeped out/on and make the three hours of torture bearable.

2. Bring your own food/snacks. That way I'm not subject to any fees, and I get to snack on whatever I like. I also buy bottled water to bring in with me so I don't have to deal with a little cup that will spill every time we manage to hit any kind of turbulence.

Monday, February 14, 2011

on Valentines Day

This one might surprise some people, so here it goes.

1. Yes, it's a very Hallmark Holiday. It's a commercialized holiday that get's people to buy super over priced chocolates and teddy bears, but who doesn't want to get chocolates or teddy bears? I wouldn't be complaining.

2. "You should love everybody every day of the year" If I got a dollar for how many times I heard that line today from those cranky peeps complaining about V-Day I would be a gazillionaire. But you know what cranky butts? Just because you should, it doesn't mean it happens. Valentines Day isn't just for couple either; when I was younger my parents did a lot for me on Valentines Day just to show that they love me, and this is the case for other people too. Valentine's day may sound redundant, but for a lot of couples and families, the holiday is a reminder of what they have in their lives.

3. Just shut up. You're all mad because you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/bootycall to celebrate with. You make this really obvious in your facebook status's about how it's stupid, dumb and doesn't deserve to be a holiday. I'm sorry if you're overlooking the true meaning of the day. Instead of a boyfriend/girlfriend/anything listed above, focus your love and appreciation on your friends and family. They deserve the love too.

And I'm not saying this because I have a boyfriend.
This is mine and Austin's fourth Valentines Day together and we have NEVER celebrated the holiday. 
This is just my two cents!

I hope everyone had a great love filled day. :o)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

on being busy/studying

This is what has really got me the last week... School can be pretty overwhelming sometimes and that includes the weekend too.

Last week I had two tests that were on the same day (due to rescheduling because of canceled days due to snow) so I was stressing out. Not because I had two tests, but mainly because I had two tests on the same day. Did I forget to mention that they were 50 minutes apart?

But, despite the stress I have some amazing friends who kept me on track and focused. Now if only I could see those test grades....

1. Although procrastinating is easy, it causes more stress when it comes time for the exam/project/whatever that you've been slacking on.  I mean, I have a speech due on Tuesday that I haven't written mainly because I hate the topic. But that just means I'm going to hate my life for the next forty-eight hours because I've put it off. I'm still working on what "three people (one fictional, one famous, and one personal) I want to take on a road trip."

2. Better results in the end. The more you study over a period of time, the better your grades will be (unless it's math, in which case I will always have problems!). Studies show that when you cram or pull an all nighter you're a lot less likely to even retain the information that you need. So crack open those books!

Monday, February 7, 2011

on prioritizing

Now, I know that prioritizing is hard. Believe me, I know very well.
I mean, if I had it my way I would be going to get frozen yogurt with my best friends every night, spending hours cooking and baking each week, and then spending any remaining free time with my boyfriend and at the mall spending all the money I definitely don't have.
But, unfortunately, college is a lot different than high school or your summer life. Here, if your like me, you have to pay for your own school but you have no one to answer to; Who's going to make you go to class? Write your papers? Take your tests?
The answer is no one, except for yourself.

Here are a couple of things I do to help motivate and force myself do what I need to do:

1. Get a planner. I have a really cute one courtesy of one of my best friends. I keep everything I need in it. It even has a small pocket to keep things; I keep to do lists and grocery lists handy. For each day I have written out what I need to do (I did this when I made plans/got the syllabus for my classes) and fill in the spaces as the days go on. That way everything I need to do is available for me to see and be reminded of.

2. Have a good motivating friend. And this goes both ways. My best friend Meigan is my motivator and I am hers. We push each other and remind each other of what we need to do and what we want to accomplish. We set up study dates that can't be backed out of unless there is serious emergency, we remind each other every day of what we want to accomplish (we remind each other we need to work out, eat better, etc.) and get a jump start on what needs to get done.

3. Minimize distractions where ever you choose to get things accomplished. And this can be hard if you're a serious social butterfly like me. I have the tendency to make friends where every I go to get anything done, so sometimes I get seriously distracted. I try and go places where people have to be quiet (6th floor of the annex!) or where there won't be many people.

Like I said, it's not hard and prioritizing is a lot of self control. But having good friends can make it so much easier. :o)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

on studying

All I have to say is:

or you will most definitely fail.

Learn how to study or college will seem impossible.

Friday, February 4, 2011

on snow

This won't really be an advice post at all! I mean, what other advice can I give than wear layers and wear gloves? Also, don't eat yellow snow. :o)

Everyone who has it: enjoy it! And stay safe!
As for now, I'm enjoying my snow day with my lovely boyfriend!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

on bad roommates

This one isn't about you Bailey! I promise. :o)
I have recently been the witness to some really shitty roommate business. Let me explain:
We'll call my best friend Jane. Now Jane has a three roommates, roommate number one, two and three.
Roommate number one refuses to hangout with Jane. They live together now because they were absolute best friends in the whole entire world. Now that it's been about seven months since they've moved in together, they never hang out. Jane invites Number One to go out to dinner, go out for frozen yogurt, dancing, etc. She always invites her to go. They now rarely hang out and only see each other in passing.
Roommate number two has just been indifferent. Nothing bad, but nothing good either.
Now... Roommate number three. This is a whole different story. Jane has always been on rocky terms with Number Three. She was a potluck roommate, so they never met her prior to them moving in. She seemed nice enough; she had decorated the apartment, stocked the kitchen and was working for the apartment complex.
A couple weeks into the semester, it started getting rocky. Number three started leaving her bike in the living room, she left all of her school supplies out in the living room and would leave dishes in the sink for up to two weeks. Jane would clean up Number three's mess and organize her school supplies so that everyone in the apartment could use the table. The following day of one particular incident including glitter and newspapers strewn all over the floor, Number three proceeded to yell and scream at Jane in front of myself and our other best friend. Things were never the same...
The most recent incident started with Number three asking Jane if she could have her birthday party in their apartment. Jane nicely told her that she appreciated her asking, but she didn't feel comfortable with her having her party there. Cause honestly... A bunch of drunk people you don't know running around your place of living can be kind of weird.
Following Jane's reply, this is a direct quote of what Number three said:
"Get over it. It's not like its hurting anyone anyways."
Jane told her not be rude.
"Screw you. My birthday. My party. I'll have it where I damn well please. I was trying to be nice and ask you first. You and I clearly don't get along.... I'll let you know if I decide to have the party here so you can make arrangements to not be here. You are not welcome to any party of mine."
Seriously? I'm definitely blessed to have a roommate that I get along with and don't mind living with.
I just feel bad because "Jane" is one of my best friends and was incredibly angry about all of the incidents.

I don't have very much true advice on this subject, but here's what I think about roommates:

1. Set "house rules". This is pretty explanatory. Me and my future roommates have already sat down and started talking about what we're comfortable and not comfortable with.

2. Understand you're feelings towards the people you'll be living with (if you know them before your living with them). Know what you love and don't so much love. Learn to deal with being irritated with a certain trait of their personality, etc. But honestly, if you have lots of problems with their personality maybe you shouldn't be living with them....

And I don't have a third piece of advice... yet.

on cold days

Alright, let me rephrase that one... on cold TEXAS days.
More specifically Texas weather.

I'm going to recap the last five day's temperature's here in College Station:
Sunday: 75
Monday 67
Tuesday: 20 
Wednesday: 23
Thursday: 25
Seriously? How is that temp drop normal? Not to mention that the windchill has kept the temperature feeling like it's between 5 and 15 degrees for the last three days!
But I digress.

I suppose the cold weather wouldn't be as killer if I didn't attend one of the largest campus's in the nation (Texas A&M's campus spans 5,200 acres!), but walked to and from class, to the rec, to the library and the annex and to even just EAT is killer. I feel like it's time for hibernation mode to activate...
Here are a couple of things that I've learned over the years of living right outside of Philadelphia (and have been reminded of now):

1. Layers, layers, layers. Obviously. I've been wearing 2 or 3 shirts, sweatpants layered over sweatpants/sweatpants under jeans, gloves, earmuffs, hat, jacket under jacket, a million pairs of socks and nice warm shoes. It sounds like a lot, but when you walk outside it's like heaven. 
2. Don't worry about people judging you for how much your wearing. They can suck it if they think you're over board. But would you rather be cold as balls or nice and comfy walking to class? I'm usually all for looking cute and stylish, but in this weather my cute clothes wearing is very very VERY limited. Even I know when it's not a good time!
3. Don't blame the cold! Blame the wind! I enjoy the winter because, when it's sunny, there's a gorgeous contrast of warm sunlight and the cold weather. It's one of my favorite feelings ever. But why is it miserable now? Because of the WIND! Especially since here in C-Stat we've been having 15 MPH gusts...

My advice is pretty limited, but this seemed super relevant! 

Keep your facet dripping, etc etc. :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

on tattoos

Tattoos are one of those subjects that are slightly controversial. Why? Because a lot of the people against body mods, specifically tattoos, are older. It's the age; when our parents/grandparents (depending on how old you are) were younger only guys in jail or in gangs had them. Which I can understand to an extent.
Well, like it or not, here's how I feel about them.

1. I am, obviously, a proponent for tattoos*. I have a few small ones. They aren't visible with the exception of my smallest one on my ankle. But again, I am pro tats to an extent.
2. The tattoos have to mean SOMETHING. The wings tattooed to your shoulder blades signify what? The little lock and key on your hip bones mean what? The stars up your ribs are cute, but what does that mean to you? Tattoos are on your body forever. Do you really want something you find "cute", "adorable" or "sexy" when you were in your late teens on your body when you're a parent and a role model?
3. Location, location, location. I'm not too fond of tattoos that are placed on your calf, neck, etc. Super visible tattoos, especially large ones, seem kind of tacky to me, especially when they don't mean anything. The sleeve is cool dude, but what kind of message are you sending your kids if you have a naked mermaid swimming around on your bicep?
4. Did I mention they should definitely mean something?

Here's a picture of my newest one:
I have always been an over acheiver; setting high standards for myself in all aspects of my life. This quote by Mahatma Ghadi is now a daily reminder of the goals I have set for myself. These goals not only benefit me, but my family, my future family and hopefully the world.

Monday, January 31, 2011

on boyfriends/girlfriends *

*i'm sorry if i get emotional with this one guys. :o)

Here's a few things I've learned from my experience:

1. Don't look for him/her. I know, I know. All of your friends have boyfriends, you see everyone on campus/at the mall/at the store/at restaurants/EVERYWHERE with boyfriends or girlfriends, but this doesn't mean the fact that you don't have a significant other makes you weird or different. When you're looking hard for someone to be with, you're blind to most of your options since you'll be finding others who are simply interested in having a boyfriend or girlfriend too.
2. Trust, trust and trust. Some (a lot) of people have a serious problem with this, but honestly the person your with will cheat on you if they want to, even if you trust them. Not to sound rude or anything, but it's the truth. Obviously, if you have some reason as to why they have completely broken your trust, you may need to take a good hard look at why you're still with them. But, by not trusting someone, or always getting jealous, can and will push your significant other away. These things, we all know of course. But just because you've heard it a million times doesn't mean it's going to stick with you. And like I said before, this one is a hard pill to swallow. Or another cliche- it's easier said than done.
3. Keep it chill, fun and awesome. This is my favorite thing about the relationship I'm in currently that was so radically different than my last long term "serious" relationship. Austin and I spent a lot of time at the beginning of our relationship getting to know each other. We spent a lot of time talking about everything from both sides, even the touchy stuff like religion. Even now, there are still some things we don't fully understand about each other, but thats okay. :) Despite how serious we can get with each other, we act like little kids; playing games, looking up jokes and going places like mini golfing and the park together. We also are alright with simply sitting together in a quiet room, going to the library to study or walk each other to class. The energy level is never the same, but we still enjoy our time together. I mean, too much energy can get unnerving and too little energy can get boring. But there's nothing wrong with spending time together on all levels. This might just be us, but it's worked so far.
4. Disagree, don't argue. This is number one in importance and one of the hardest. Disagreeing is completely different than arguing and getting angry. Why? Because with a disagreement, there should be two parts: 1. Discussing your opinion and 2. Why you feel this way/believe this and rationalizing it, making it easier for the other to understand. I get it, sometimes things cannot be agreed on and fights break out. But this, again, has worked awesome for us. We're going on four years and have had only one major fight, but many small disagreements. This way, nothing is taken away from the relationship and there are no grudges held.

Now, I understand people are different and think differently. Austin and I are both rational people with moderate tempers. It takes quite a bit to set either of us off, and way more to get us angry at each other.
I have also been in a relationship where none of my own advice was being followed and it definitely didn't end well for either party.

Austin and I have been together for four months shy of four years (my high school sweetheart!), we've been together for three quarters of my high school career and now a quarter of my college (half and half for him since he's a year older than me!), so we've been through the cliche college boy dating high school girl separation trial and error period and got through it with flying colors (after my six week jealous phase) and are even happier than ever.

If anyone disagrees with anything, has any questions or wants to talk relationships just let me know!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

on shopping online

Oh me oh my.
I looooooove shopping. Especially online. Why?
1. Shopping online gives me access to all of the stores I don't have here in College Station and/or Katy.
2. I can find discounted items so much easier.
3. I can always find my size!

I'm going to go ahead and drop a couple of pictures of things I've bought online recently (and am super stoked to have!). Granted, we all have different styles and what I buy is 100% perfect for me. :o)

I'm missing images from dresses I've bought from HauteLook since the sales ended and they don't show pictures in my account>orders page. But they are soupes cute!

Some other websites to look out for:
And then other sites like LuLu*s, Delia*s, XXI, Wet Seal, etc.