Tuesday, February 1, 2011

on tattoos

Tattoos are one of those subjects that are slightly controversial. Why? Because a lot of the people against body mods, specifically tattoos, are older. It's the age; when our parents/grandparents (depending on how old you are) were younger only guys in jail or in gangs had them. Which I can understand to an extent.
Well, like it or not, here's how I feel about them.

1. I am, obviously, a proponent for tattoos*. I have a few small ones. They aren't visible with the exception of my smallest one on my ankle. But again, I am pro tats to an extent.
2. The tattoos have to mean SOMETHING. The wings tattooed to your shoulder blades signify what? The little lock and key on your hip bones mean what? The stars up your ribs are cute, but what does that mean to you? Tattoos are on your body forever. Do you really want something you find "cute", "adorable" or "sexy" when you were in your late teens on your body when you're a parent and a role model?
3. Location, location, location. I'm not too fond of tattoos that are placed on your calf, neck, etc. Super visible tattoos, especially large ones, seem kind of tacky to me, especially when they don't mean anything. The sleeve is cool dude, but what kind of message are you sending your kids if you have a naked mermaid swimming around on your bicep?
4. Did I mention they should definitely mean something?

Here's a picture of my newest one:
I have always been an over acheiver; setting high standards for myself in all aspects of my life. This quote by Mahatma Ghadi is now a daily reminder of the goals I have set for myself. These goals not only benefit me, but my family, my future family and hopefully the world.

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