Sunday, February 13, 2011

on being busy/studying

This is what has really got me the last week... School can be pretty overwhelming sometimes and that includes the weekend too.

Last week I had two tests that were on the same day (due to rescheduling because of canceled days due to snow) so I was stressing out. Not because I had two tests, but mainly because I had two tests on the same day. Did I forget to mention that they were 50 minutes apart?

But, despite the stress I have some amazing friends who kept me on track and focused. Now if only I could see those test grades....

1. Although procrastinating is easy, it causes more stress when it comes time for the exam/project/whatever that you've been slacking on.  I mean, I have a speech due on Tuesday that I haven't written mainly because I hate the topic. But that just means I'm going to hate my life for the next forty-eight hours because I've put it off. I'm still working on what "three people (one fictional, one famous, and one personal) I want to take on a road trip."

2. Better results in the end. The more you study over a period of time, the better your grades will be (unless it's math, in which case I will always have problems!). Studies show that when you cram or pull an all nighter you're a lot less likely to even retain the information that you need. So crack open those books!

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