Friday, March 18, 2011

on family

This last week I got to spend time with family I hadn't seen in about four years. That means they haven't seen me since my freshman year of high school, and if you knew me then, you would know I not only am a completely different person, but I am also a completely different looking person!

This won't really be an advice post, but more like a look into my life for once. It's hard to give advice on family since each and every person's family is so different.

I was picked up by my cousin Erica and her daughter Taylor. I hadn't seen either of them in forever. Taylor is only a year younger than me, but we've always been incredibly close.

One of the highlights of the trip were getting to meet my two younger (second) cousins. Hannah is five, and yes I "met" her when she was about six months old, she didn't interact much so seeing her again was like meeting a whole new person. And Molly is three and completely adorable. Below is me with the girls and my cousin Cheri on my grandmother's boat in Florida. They were a handful, but completely adorable.

I spent a lot of time with the girls since I stayed at their house, but I didn't mind. I legitimately enjoyed helping them get ready for daycare in the morning and getting them ready for bed at night. I just love kids. :)

The last day was spent down at the beach and it was pretty interesting. We got a hotel room closer to JAX, since my family lived pretty far from the airport, and just enjoyed my last day there. It was awesome. :)

I miss them already and can't wait to go back!

I should be driving back up there with my mom and my brother's family in April for my great aunt's birthday. So hopefully I'll be seeing everyone again!

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