Saturday, March 12, 2011

on airports

Well, to start, apparently you're supposed to take your laptop out of your backpack when you go through the TSA thing. Because if you don't, people freak out. Maybe I'm a terrorist in disguise; I don't know.

I get here SUPER early (the required two hours because I try and be punctual) and now I'm sitting here with only 45 minutes of free wifi. I was going to play a game of League of Legends to pass the time like a nerd, but now I can't. :(

I'm sure I'll have a nice long flight to rant about later considering flying is probably my least favorite, but most encountered, pastime.

Here are some of my flight tips.

1. Bring a backpack full of goodies. I brought my laptop, DS, iPhone (on airplane mode!), Nook and bought like three magazines and a sudoku book. I mean, I'm going to be cooped up in this airplane surrounded by people I don't know. That means I need a lot to do to make sure I don't get creeped out/on and make the three hours of torture bearable.

2. Bring your own food/snacks. That way I'm not subject to any fees, and I get to snack on whatever I like. I also buy bottled water to bring in with me so I don't have to deal with a little cup that will spill every time we manage to hit any kind of turbulence.

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