Tuesday, April 5, 2011

being blessed

As most of you know, I'm blessed to have my boyfriend of almost four years in my life. He's by my side every single day now that we're at Texas A&M University together (he's a sophomore, I'm a freshman) and I couldn't imagine our relationship any other way. But unlike us, I have many friends who aren't as blessed to have their loved one by their side everyday and I want to take a moment to talk about them.

I have two very close friends who have their loved ones in the army. One is a husband and a father, and the other is a boyfriend and a life long friend of the love of his life.

The dedication and love that these couples share with their loved ones is out of this world. I admire these couples for the trust and patriotism they posses, giving their husband and boyfriend to the US Army to serve our country. These are real men and they deserve to be recognized, not only that, they deserve to be recognized for how blessed they are to have women in their lives that are willing to wait for them and are proud of them.

These couples, along with any military couple, deserve to live the happiest of lives when their tours overseas are over, and they deserve to be treated like the real men and women they are.
I'm proud to call these women my friends and I'm there for them when they need a shoulder to cry on, or need someone to help them with an anniversary dinner. I admire these couples and wish the best for them and their loved ones.

One day, I told one of these women that I don't think I could handle Austin being in the army. She just said in reply, "If you love him, you could." 

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