Tuesday, December 27, 2011

on life lessons learned in 2011

This past semester has been my busiest yet, up at school and I've learned a lot about myself, my capabilities and about others.

1. It's much easier to spread yourself too thin than to do less than you're capable of accomplish. From starting a small business to working what seemed to be a full time job, and adding school into the mix I figured this one out way too easily. I had to give up a lot of the recreational things that I love to do, such as baking, blogging and reading (to some it may seem like I didn't give this up, but I assure you I read much less than I normally do!) and even sacrificed a lot of the time that I should have used to do better in school (I will admit this easily!). I even gave up coming home often, which made me incredibly homesick. I am so grateful to have the opportunities that I do have, and that I am possibly opening the door to an incredibly bright future on top of having many wonderful memories from the obligations I had this semester! My only advice, honestly, is that when you feel like too much is being asked of you, that you take a step back (sometimes it's a huge step back) and you need to assess the importance of everything you have taken on in your life at that time and possibly make the decision to end an obligation or step out of an opportunity.

2. Living somewhere that is not your parents house requires a lot more time and effort than I imagined. That's not saying that I didn't expect to clean ever, but it's more than I expected! I do love my apartment though! My roommates and I have made sure that it is thoroughly decorated and that we attempt to keep it tidy... though it can be a challenge when you make crafts approximately 100% of the time you are actually at home!

3. Friendships can be tested no matter how long you have been friends and no matter what distance you are from them. It pains me to say that the relationship I do have with friends has changed more this year than any year. May it be as a bridesmaid or maid of honor at your upcoming wedding, or having to fair the long distance between here and El Paso, or even the end of a long friendship, it has been a challenge accepting some of the changes. I am grateful for all those who love me and care for me, and I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life that have continued to make my world such a wonderful place and I look forward to even more positive changes and memories made.

4. Love continues to fare the test of time. And for that, I am truly grateful. Things have changed tremendously over the last four and a half years and we have grown into something more than I ever imagined. I love laughing about our past and looking forward to whatever the future may hold. I hold each day we spend together and every memory dear to my heart.

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