Friday, November 19, 2010

on Fightin' Texas Aggie Student Bonfire

To begin I'm going to attach a picture of the stack as of 6 o'clock this morning:

If you don't know, bonfire at Texas A&M University hold a very special place in the hearts of Aggies new and old, not excluding myself. And considering that yesterday was November 18th, and the 11th anniversary of the Bonfire Stack that fell, I felt this was appropriate. :o)

If you don't know, Texas A&M set the world record for the tallest bonfire in the work in 1969 with a stack that topped at just under 110 ft. Since the tragic collapse, the stack is no longer taller than 55 ft in height, but is still an astounding sight to see. Although 70,000 people don't travel from everywhere to see it burn, we still top out at multiple thousands.

The process and leadership breakdown is located here and a timeline of bonfire from it's very beginnings in 1907 hereAggie Bonfire on Modern Marvels,

One particularly awesome story is of Tim Kerlee, the twelfth student to pass away. He was the most visible of anyone trapped within stack and refused to be pulled from beneath the logs until every man and woman trapped was taken out. His ability to see those stuck under stack coupled with his ability to communicate with everyone outside of stack saved multiple lives. He passed away two days following the fall. A tribute can be seen here.

The final link I would like you to follow is to a fellow blogger's page to here. And finally, the last omitted stanzas from the reading that is carved in the Bonfire memorial on campus.

Then heaven's pearly portals opened.
Hosts of Angels showed the way
For that Fighting Texas Aggie group 
On that final Judgment Day.

When more Aggies came in view,
Twelve dressed in Bonfire gear,
Walking arm and arm, and singing 
Of the School they hold so dear. 

Twelve Aggie voices said "Howdy" 
To the keepers of the Gate. 
"Working hard we just lost track of time, 
We hope we're not too late." 

"It's the Fighting Aggie Bonfire Crew," 
St. Peter said, "Behold,
They're ready to light up Heaven, 
With their courage and faith so bold." 

I would often watch them building
That Stack so large and high
And surely knew the time would come 
They would build it in the sky.

And so the twelve came through the Gates.
St. Peter said, "Don't fear, 
You are just in time for Roll Call" 
One by one, they answered... "Here."

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