Tuesday, November 16, 2010

on staying up late

I know it's only 10:00 PM and not all that late, especially for a college student, but I will be awake all the way through my classes tomorrow (assuming I don't sleep in them). The reason I will be up late tonight, and many other nights, will be explained in a later blog. Possibly tomorrow's.
But I digress; I do have a few questions to ask to anyone about staying up late:

1. Why does everything happen at night? And when I say everything I mean everything. All of the crazy shenanigans and going-ons of my dorm and other dorms happen at night. All of the crazy running around and creating mischief...  
2. Why is everything more fun at night? Dancing, for one, is infinitely more fun at night; whether it be at the club, in a country bar, or in the car dancing is way more fun at night. Being loud and annoying also seems to be more fun at night as well, which would explain the noise violation I got last weekend...
3. Why are more people out at night? This probably has to do with the elaborations of my first two questions...

The most inconvenient factor regarding staying up late, for me anyway, would be my morning classes. FYI: Morning classes SUCK and don't ever take them. Ever. Staying up late, which is almost inevitable, makes it almost impossible to stay awake for these classes. Not that I have any experience with this. :-) 

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