Tuesday, November 16, 2010

on blogging

I have recently felt the urge to take up blogging. I have no idea why, but the idea has seemed pretty appealing.

Being the lame nerd I am, I googled some beginner blogger's tips on blogging etiquette. Here's what I've found.
1. Write for a global audience. Jeez. That's a lot of pressure.
2. Write for a specific topic. Like I'm doing now?
3. Return credit where possible. Oh! I can do that. I am currently taking these tips from this website!
4. Don't steal bandwidth. If I knew what this meant I would try extra hard not to steal it...
5. Don't post anything too emotional. Are you saying that because I am a teenage girl?

A couple of things that I can assure anyone who happens to stumble on (also a great website!) my blog: I can almost guarantee some kind of humor in what I'm posting. I'm a very optimistic individual and try pretty hard to come off that way. So just as an FYI, if I sound angry or mad don't take it seriously. I rarely get that way and as step number 5 says don't post anything too emotional. I promise not to let the teenage girl in me show too much. ;)

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