Monday, November 22, 2010

on Thanksgiving Break

Not that mine has started yet or anything (because my profs suck), but I am quite excited.
So, as I sit here not paying attention to my Psych prof, I will be talking about my plans and why I am excited...

1. It starts tomorrow (Tuesday) night. And not only does it start tomorrow night, it starts with the burn of the bonfire I've been working on with the rest of the students at A&M who are involved in Student Bonfire. That also means me coming out as a Green Pot (Administrative and Financial Management) which is also the highest leadership position a female can have. I feel pretty honored I was picked up and I love my three sisters as well. :)

2. Once I get back on Wednesday, I get to bake. And not only all of the things that I posted in my baking post last week, but a few other things came to mind... So I'll be baking all day and late into Wednesday/Early into Thursday, and maybe Thursday morning. I love baking.

3. Thursday will be my three and a half year anniversary with my boyfriend. Which needs no explaining. :)

4. We will BTHO t.u. Considering we're 8-3 and they are 5-2, we are ranked (17th) and they are not, and just the fact that they are t.u. we will beat the hell outta them on Thursday.

And then I come back to campus for a week for finals, then back home until January!

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