Wednesday, November 17, 2010

on clothes

This post is inspired by the fact that after I got out of the shower today, it took me thirty minutes to decide on what I was wearing. Guess what I chose: nike running shorts and a t-shirt, adorned by my dork glasses.
There are a couple things I've come to realize over the years of actually caring about how I look.

1. I really do care about how I look. I spend quite a bit of thinking time choosing out my outfits each day. This is totally unintentional, which leads me to my next point...
2. Clothes/Getting Cute/Feeling well dressed makes me happy! I'm sure this is the same, but feeling like I look cute and knowing I've gone out of my way to look nice raises my self esteem quite a bit. What kind of girl would pass up an ego boost like that?
3. My style changes by season. In the winter, I'm all about wearing sweaters and being super bundled up, but with gobs of accessories (scarves, vests, etc.) and I wear my makeup pretty dark. In the spring I'm a sun dress wearer, not many accessories and pretty natural makeup. In the summer I'm all about the bohemian look with literally only foundation and one swipe of mascara. In the fall, I'm back to school so that means I'm too lazy to do anything other than shorts (jean or nike running) and one of my millions of A&M t-shirts. :)

This is a very special aspect of my life that I feel most girls relate to.
I mean, who doesn't want to be told that they look cute?

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