Monday, November 29, 2010

on finals

Well, now that it's the week after Thanksgiving break and a week and a half before my first round of finals exams I'm pretty much freaking out.

Hey, high school kids this one is for you:

1. Theres a reason it's called dead week. And it's not meant to just party party party because we have no classes. 85% of the people (the smart ones who will return in the Spring) are holing themselves up in the library, the annex (a study building with hundreds of study rooms that is 24 hours, with many quiet floors), in their dorm or apartment. I have currently been holing up with my future roommate's (whom I will be sharing my first apartment with!) apartment for the past two nights. I had my bio lab final today, and have two finals next week, then three the week after.

2. If you weren't going to class before, get with someone who has been going. That is, assuming the class was large and you're absent wasn't noticed. If you skipped a small class, those kids probably won't help you out... you don't deserve it.

3. If you don't study now, LEARN HOW before you get here. There is NO WAY around having to study. The smartest kids have to study, especially for the harder classes. You may have been the numero uno big shot smarty pants in high school, but all those kids now attend school with you and the courses are meant to challenge the egg heads, leaving the slackers in the dust.

Now back to writing my final Anthropology paper for the semester....

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