Sunday, January 30, 2011

on shopping online

Oh me oh my.
I looooooove shopping. Especially online. Why?
1. Shopping online gives me access to all of the stores I don't have here in College Station and/or Katy.
2. I can find discounted items so much easier.
3. I can always find my size!

I'm going to go ahead and drop a couple of pictures of things I've bought online recently (and am super stoked to have!). Granted, we all have different styles and what I buy is 100% perfect for me. :o)

I'm missing images from dresses I've bought from HauteLook since the sales ended and they don't show pictures in my account>orders page. But they are soupes cute!

Some other websites to look out for:
And then other sites like LuLu*s, Delia*s, XXI, Wet Seal, etc.

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