Saturday, January 26, 2013

on peptalks (thanks Kid President!)

Everyone need to watch this video. Everyone. That means you.

I know we've all felt like we don't belong in this world, aren't special enough to deserve the love and attention that we get, or are discouraged when everything going on around you isn't going your way. If you haven't, then consider yourself incredibly lucky.

Real-talk time. I've spent a large portion at my adolescence and not-so-long adulthood feeling this way for a myriad of reason. I often feel undeserving of compliments towards my personality, of my accomplishments and, most often, of my friends. I was embarrassed about my interests and really felt like I had to mold myself into this girl who had similar interests to those around me. I was living a life where I kept who I was in a small box, and climbed into the skin of someone I wasn't... all just so that I felt like I was normal. I've recently come to this crazy conclusion. Do you want to know what it is? It's not ground breaking, nor is it new, but normal is boring.

And as Kid President says so eloquently, "Life isn't a cereal either.... well it is a cereal.. And if Life is a game, then aren't we on the same team?"

I used to get teased, may it be joking or not, for liking what I like. It was so disheartening as a young teenager (and even as an adult) for people to be so judgmental about what I'm interested in. This caused me to, in turn, be just as judgmental about the things others did that I felt didn't fit the norm I felt I needed to conform to... and if I had to conform to the norm, so did everyone else. And I was one of those judgmental girls I hated so much.

This adorable kid says that the road less traveled hurt. There were rocks, thorns and glass (NOT COOL ROBERT FROST!). But that he just wants to take the road that leads to awesome. I'm not gonna lie, that's the road I wanna go down to. So I've started posing this question to myself whenever I feel embarrassed about who I am and alternatively, when I feel like I don't understand other people's interests either (aka, turning into the big headed judgey monster we all are capable of being). I simply ask myself, "Who cares?" It's not philosophical because, let's face it, I'm in no way, shape, or form some kind of second coming of Sophocles or Plato (mostly because I would love for poets and bards to be apart of my Perfect Republic... I'm looking at you Plato).

But honestly, it doesn't need to be insightful. Who cares? Does it affect me adversely? If it does, that person is simply not a part of my life anymore. And you know what, by taking the time to either
A.) Accept the faults of people in my life
B.) Taking the time to remove the people whose faults I, for some reason, cannot accept
has really allowed me to take strides to make my life easier. I accept all of the people in my life regardless of what their interests/religion/race/sexual preferences/sexual prowess/political views/choice of body modification/favorite genre of game/drink of choice/WHATEVER are. Why? Because if I surrounded myself with people who were carbon copies of myself... I'd probably want to run and jump off of a cliff.

On the same turn, my one wish is that others can be just as accepting. I've seen too many of my own friends write off other people based on looks, whether it be weight, wardrobe or the way they carry themselves. So many potential friendships simply fizzle and die before they have the chance to come to fruition. Take a moment the next time you're about to write someone off and think about why this person isn't worth your time.

Now, this post is by no means to be holier than thou. I struggle with this just like others, but I am constantly making an effort to change too. I'm not perfect by any means, but the only way to change is to accept your own faults... and my close friends know I'll be the first person to call myself out.

This adorable little kiddo poses a simple question, "What will you do to make the world awesome?" I don't have an answer, but I feel like the first thing I need to do is better myself before I can think of the world... and I think that's the first step for everyone. He says that we "can make everyday better for each other, but if we're on the same team, we need to start acting like it." I think we can all benefit from this advice.

"If everybody is good, it gives the world a reason to dance." Well, let's get to dancing!


  1. Katy, thanks for posting this! College taught me to embrace that I am special - because I definitely am. Normal IS boring! Life is so much more fun and fulfilling when you are yourself and you are surrounded by people that are each in their own way special and marching to the beat of their own drum. I also came to realize in college that we are supposed to love everyone - no matter who they are or what they do. But loving does not have to mean condoning things you disagree with. (Stay with me here) It means not judging and being willing to not let the things you don't condone become a hindrance to your relationship. I am by no means perfect and neither are the people around me. But my imperfection is not "less" than their imperfection.

    Sorry, kinda got on my internal soapbox there. But seriously, I agree with you and thanks for your real talk honesty :)

    1. > It means not judging and being willing to not let the things you don't condone become a hindrance to your relationship.

      Definitely! My friends do plenty of things where I go "mom-mode" on them about! I don't guilt them or yell at them... but I definitely let them know why it's something I'm not comfortable with. :)

      I'm glad you liked this!