Tuesday, July 3, 2012

on running

Alright, I figure I should put this out there (even though it should be no surprise) buuuuut I am absolutely no expert on running. Or working out. Or dieting. Or just being healthy in general.

My favorite foods are potatoes and cheese. I cannot eat a single serving of anything to save my life. I may be 5'0" but I can really put food away... and I can do it often!

But six weeks ago I started a program. That helped me learn how to run. I definitely never thought I would say that. I was that kid in Jr. High who would walk 90% of the mile we were supposed to run.
Fast forward to yesterday and I ran for twenty minutes straight. TWENTY MINUTES. I ran 1.75 miles. Without stopping. Now... I'm sure if you've known me long enough you probably think I'm lying. Not to mention I am as surprised as you are that I actually survived. 

I guess what I was trying to get at is that this week marks week 6 of 8 of the Couch to 5K program Austin and I are running together. I definitely recommend it for anyone, even people who have never run (unless it was for their lives) and have ever considering running to be your exercise multiple times a week. 

I've already lost five pounds and am trimming up! Not to mention my little belly pooch is shrinking week by week and I can see improvement even in my tiny frame. Here is the main website for the program itself! As for how I monitor it daily, I just have the free C25K free app and it works great! I would check it out and maybe give it a go. :)

Now, I'm sure everyone is clamoring for more craft posts (not really), but I can assure you they are on the way! I was MIA this last weekend and on a mini vacation with my roomies, and this week I'm expanding my crafitng skills to learning how to sew. I actually start my lessons tomorrow with someone I know who is amazing with needle and thread! So hopefully you'll be seeing some interesting posts on that little adventure!
Not to mention my hardwood floors should be installed soon! As in... my brother is showing me the ropes/helping me learn to install them myself!

Have a great week!

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