Wednesday, June 27, 2012

on small projects here and there!

This is going to be super long or very detailed, but I figured since I have a few things that I've been working on and I should at least post pictures of so you get an idea of what I've been working on!

I haven't been able to work on anything particularly huge since I've been house sitting for my brother for the last week, but I was able to get a few things done!

I picked up this pretty white frame at Hobby Lobby, aka "Heaven", a week or so ago. I painted it, but I'm not sure what I should put it in! If you have any ideas message me on facebook or on twitter (@theSQUEAKYduck) and let me know what you think I should do! It's relatively small. The picture frame itself will hold an 8 x 10 picture. :)

This is something that I saw on Pinterest. That's not a huge surprise considering I see most of my projects there! I got this huge (read: half as big as I am) picture frame at a garage sale for on $3.00! That's right... THREE DOLLARS. I took the liberty to just use some extra spray paint I had laying around to paint it green, add some twine that I also already had, and buy a package of cheap cloths pins from the dollar store and paint them blue! Now I have enough room to clip twelve 4 x 6 pictures in this massive frame! Not only can it hold tons of pictures, but it'll be easy to change them out! 

I'm sorry if the bookshelves look kind of proportional! during all of the disassembling, I lost eight of the little shelves holders so both are missing a shelf each! So please try to look past that :)

Okay... so this is exactly what it looks like. Just some refurbished old bookshelves! The small one I bought a few weeks ago at Good Will for $15.00! I painted it the same green as the trim. And the large bookshelf is one that I've had for many many years! It's painted the same blue as the fourth wall in my room. One thing to remind everyone of when they do this... since this is a prefinished faux wood make sure you use a primer before applying the colored paint! Right now the paint will simply scrape off if I mess with it too much... but since I'm too lazy and these are staying in my bedroom I guess I'll have to deal with it! 
I used wallpaper that I bought online that was on sale for the backing! Very easy to apply (I used adhesive spray!) and just made sure the pattern matched up as I went down the backing! 

I'm sorry that I'm not coming out with anything terribly exciting! I promise I'm working on a large project now that involves another filing cabinet or two! But I don't think it'll be done for a few weeks! 

I hope this has satiated everyone's appetite for a blog post... for now. 

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