Saturday, June 16, 2012

on making illuminated art.

I am by no means the cleanest and most perfect crafter. I have the tendency to do something wrong. And this project was by no means an exception to that rule.

I saw this project on Pinterest AND craftgawker and felt like it was something completely doable. So I went out and bought the supplies and printed the outline for the letters. Both of this things can be found at the website!

The first thing I did was trace my letters onto the canvas. On the website it says to use scotch tape to help secure it to the canvas. Since I couldn't find any tape I held it in place and did the hard way... obviously because I am a badass.

Also, I followed the tips the author of the website gave. Painting the outline of the letters made it a lot easier to paint and then paint the rest of the letters. I gave it two coats of paint (I used acrylic) and left it out over night to dry.

Obviously it's a little bit crooked butttttt since it's going in my room it doesn't matter to me.

So after I let it dry over night I finally managed to find some tape and tape the letters down to help puncture the holes that the lights would go in. For this... I used an awl. Of course I didn't know what one was, but Austin showed me and let me borrow his.

After that I just pushed the lights through! I couldn't find a string of 35, so I bought 50. Since I had so many left over I just pushed them around the frame of the canvas.

And ta-da. Of course two of the lights in the E popped out of the canvas when I went to take a picture. That's why it looks a little wonky. But it definitely turned out better than I expected it to!

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