Tuesday, June 12, 2012

on attempting to refurbish furniture

If you're friends with me on facebook you can't miss that I've started a renovation project for my room at my moms house. This includes replacing the carpet with hardwood floors, painting EVERYTHING, and refurbishing all of the furniture that is going into the room itself. That includes the bed, both dressers and some knick knacks that will be taking up more space!

My first project was something I found at Goodwill and I picked up for only $20.00. It was really cool and I saw an opportunity to do something fun with! Don't mind me in the background... It's the only picture I snapped before I started messing with it!

The first thing I did was sand it down a little and that included the edges. I didn't want to take all the black paint off since the plan was to distress the wood once I painted it! 

Next I painted it the same green that I was planning on painting the trim in my room. That was easy enough. 

I don't have any picture of the wood after I distressed it, but all I did was sand over the green paint varying in pressure in random places so that the black shows through. After that, I decided I wanted to frost the glass. As to what I frosted over, I decided I wanted to have words on the mirror. Once I decided what I wanted it to say I printed our the letters in a large, bold font that was easy to read, cut out the letters and used a spray adhesive to keep the letters on the glass.

And, of course, when I was taking the mirror out it snagged on one of the hooks that holds it in place and snapped a corner off. 

But no worries. Since it's going in my room, the idea of it bring broken in the corner didn't phase me. I just glued it back together and let it set. After it had set, I used a glass frosting spray I bought from Hobby Lobby and followed the directions!

I put it all back together and was pretty pleased with it. It's definitely not perfect, but I learned a lot about the products I've used and the materials I worked with. All in all... I would consider it a successful $20 project. 

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